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Age : 49 years old
Country : Former yugoslav republic of macedonia

News Head Lines:
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to be named New Macedonia
Tito’s granddaughter questions viability of ‘Macedonia’ as talks with Greece restart
British 'land bridge' to Europe for exports from Republic of Ireland set to remain open
Report: ‘New Macedonia’ the Name Proposed by FYROM, Athens to Agree
Macedonia says it needs prospect of joining EU to thwart authoritarianism
A Mixture of Fog and Smog Hangs Heavy over Macedonia’s Capital
Macedonia-Greece Name Dispute Could Be Resolved In Coming Months, Says UN Envoy
WATCH: Jean-Claude Juncker’s latest BLUNDER is truly HORRIFIC
Report: Salmonella Cases in EU No Longer Declining
Spotlight on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Five Ways to Reform
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