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Age today : 48 years old
Nationality : Former yugoslav republic of macedonia
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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Floods - Emergency Plan of Action Final Report n° MDRMK007
‘This is the Balkans, Not a Place for Fooling Around’
Greece Outside Europe ‘Inconceivable’ Says President in March 25 Message
Full Text of Resolution on Sri Lanka adopted at 34th session of UNHRC
Nowruz is reminder of power of culture and heritage to build resilient and sustainable societies: UNESCO chief
Associations of Social Workers from region, supported by OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, sign Memorandum on Regional Co-operation
FYROM adopts provocative stance towards neighboring countries
More Countries Support Resolution On Sri Lanka
Soros-funded charities targeted by Trump-inspired crackdown in East Europe
European Union to hear what Europe’s #youth have to say on our common future
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