Mozambique Missing Persons. Page 1
Age : 59 years old
Country : Mozambique

News Head Lines:
Deluge of 30,000 'ghost employees' cost Mozambique civil service £200m
Mum's fight for justice after daughter's mysterious murder in Mozambique
Nedbank repeatedly breaks antiterrorism laws in Mozambique, but who calls it out?
'Ghost employees' cost Mozambique US$250m
Mozambique finds 30,000 ghost officials costing $250m
Qatar Petroleum to buy stake in ExxonMobil Mozambique blocks
Mozambique: Minister Admits Persistence of Corruption
Qatar to buy 10% stake in Exxon's Mozambique blocks
Whale Sharks and Rays Can't Get Enough of Mozambique's Coast
Mozambique finds 30,000 ghost officials costing $250 mn
RBR Group gets a foot in the door at mammoth LNG project in Mozambique
Mozambique: Inflation Remained Low in November
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