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News Head Lines:
Trump finally comments on soldier deaths in Niger; falsely knocks Obama over his responses to dead soldiers
NBA coach calls Trump 'a pathological liar' following comments about soldiers killed in Niger
Why was Trump so quiet after the deaths of four U.S. soldiers in Niger?
Trump on Military Deaths in Niger: 'I Will at Some Point Call the Parents'
Ghana to clash with Niger in battle of African teams
Trump 'constantly looks for other scapegoats': Leon Panetta criticizes the president's response to US deaths in Niger
US special forces deaths in Niger lift veil on shadow war against Islamists in Sahel
Why Hasn't Trump Addressed U.S. Casualties in Niger?
Dead Commandos in Niger a Bipartisan Failure of Strategy and Accountability
The Deaths of Four Elite U.S. Soldiers in Niger Show Why Trump Must Wake Up on Terrorism in Africa
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