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Age today : 77 years old
Nationality : Senegal
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Alexander De Croo brings a working visit to Benin and Senegal together with UN Goodwill Ambassadors Goedele Liekens and Axelle Red
Standard Chartered announces Olukorede Adenowo as Chief Executive Officer, Gambia and Senegal
Shades of déjà vu for Diagne and Senegal
Is Senegal Serious About Cracking Down on Child Begging?
Senegal's Good Friday Dish Is A Treat For Both Christians And Muslims
A Day in Dakar, Senegal
Kenya, Brazil, Senegal, Three Stories On Sexuality Education, Fertility, Advertisement And A Revised Status Quo
Antoinette Zoumanigui and Selamawit Bekele of Penn to Educate Youth in Senegal
Senegal Gets Rid Of It’s Senate To Cut Cost + Other Top Stories In The NEWS Yesterday
Senegal: Poor sanitation put lives at risk
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