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Age today : 40 years old
Nationality : Yemen
News Head Lines:
Weighing arms sale, U.S. seeks Saudi pledge on Yemen civilian casualties
Yemen government, coalition vow to expel Al Houthi militia from Hodeida
Drone strike kills 5 Qaeda suspects in Yemen
‘Role model’? Fallon hails arms manufacturer who sold missiles to Yemen-bombing Saudis & Gaddafi
Yemen: Houthi-Saleh Forces Using Landmines
Huge blast kills 7 militiamen in southern Yemen
Building resilient rural livelihoods is key to helping Yemen
Iranian FM: No military solution to crises in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain
Childrens' Rights Groups Urge UN Chief to Blacklist Saudi Coalition for Yemen Attacks
America's Yemen Crisis Is Bigger than Just Yemen
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