SAOUD, AZZEDINE - Missing Person Details
Present family name:SAOUD
Date of birth:17/07/1971 (45 years old)
Place of birth: OSLO , Norway
Nationality: Norway
Father's family name & forename:SAOUD AHMED
Mother's family name & forename:BRONNDAL JORUNN DAGNY
Height:1.74 meter
Colour of hair: Black
Colour of eyes: Brown
Distinguishing marks and characteristics:Scar from punctured lung. Scalp scar from former head injury. Left leg is thinner due to previous injury. Birthmark 3x10 cm., on right side of the chest. He was in a motorcycle accident the summer of 2013 after which he has suffered several injuries, including a tropical disease causing open wounds that won't heal and he is therefore dependent of medication.
Language spoken: Norwegian, English
Date of disappearance: 06/11/2013 When 42 years old
Place of disappearance: Tacloban, Philippines


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